What we do

We are an agency that develops inspirational programmes to support schools in raising achievement and provide measurable impact for their pupils across New Zealand. Our unique network of education experts and teachers deliver value and impact to pupils and their  families through engaging resources – at school and at home.  These resources are free  and readily available to NZ schools. Our  team includes change and communication project managers, education consultants  and teachers. We enable our clients to maximise the impact of their school programmes.

It is crucial that NZ schools are equipping pupils with a toolbox of lifelong learning skills that will empower them to succeed in the dynamic, exciting workplace of the future. We believe that applying our seven learning principles to everything we deliver will do just that.

What we believe in

We are passionate about the impact that  great teaching and learning can have on all NZ children and young people. Our experts deliver programmes that enhance pupil achievement – and not just academically, we never underestimate the importance of student well-being and  life skills that benefit them now and in the future.  We also believe that an education that is equitable is vital for raising the bar in NZ schools – one that is inclusive and fair.

The NZ Schools Partnership will always work with clients to:

  • Develop creative, quality programmes and resources linked to the NZ curriculum and based upon our seven learning principles
  • Support schools in their focus on student achievement
  • Maximise and measure the impact of your school programmes