Financial education

Financial education

We have extensively researched existing  programmes in NZ and internationally and believe that there is a gap when it comes to providing  financial capability education in a meaningful, measurable way. And it seems  that many organisations and pupils themselves agree with us.

Dr. Pushpa Wood from Massey University has written a research paper on  financial literacy that focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty, particularly  in Maori and Pasifika families. She found that if you can teach seven year  olds the basic principles of budgeting and saving, they are concepts that they  will understand and use throughout the rest of their lives.

In a CFFC survey of 1000 pupils:

  • 82% said they wanted to learn about money in class time rather than extra-curricular
  • The top two areas that students wanted to know more about was budgeting and borrowing
  • 74% said they learned most about money from family

Whether you are currently running financial education initiatives in schools or would like to find out how best to start, NZSP is here to help.